Do I have to be a Member of Every MLS that Participates in the MLS Grid, oR just a member of One of the participating MLS?

Brokers using the MLS Grid will have access to data only from the MLS where they hold participatory rights. Brokers that belong to multiple MLSs will receive all their data from those MLSs participating in the MLS Grid in one data feed.

How many license agreements will I have to sign?

The MLS Grid has created ONE standard license agreement for each type of data feed. If you have an IDX website and belong to multiple MLSs you will sign only ONE license agreement for all the IDX listings from the MLSs to which you belong.

How many different license agreements does the MLS Grid use?

THREE. The MLS Grid has created ONE standard license agreement for IDX, ONE agreement for VOW, and ONE agreement for back office products.

What are the differences between the Trestle, Upstream, and the MLS Grid?

Corelogic’s Trestle provides an easy platform for an MLS to become RESO compliant.

Upstream is a broker owned platform for entry and distribution to MLSs.

The MLS Grid accepts data direct from participating MLSs. The data is filtered into ONE RESO compliant usable format and made accessible to brokers and vendors through ONE data feed, with ONE license agreement, and ONE set of rules and display guidelines. The MLS Grid’s focus is on the use of the MLS-wide compilation.

Do I have to pay a license fee to the MLS Grid, and a license fee to the MLS I want to receive data from?

No. You will only pay the license fee required by your MLS to access data. The MLS Grid will collect any license fee required by participating MLSs on their behalf.

Is broker participation in the MLS Grid optional, or does my MLS automatically send my listings to the MLS Grid?

Participation in the MLS Grid is at your MLS’s discretion. Listings entered into participating MLSs and authorized for Internet display will automatically be sent to the MLS Grid.

I am using a vendor or in-house technology source to provide products and services, do they need to sign the license agreement as well?

Yes. The MLS Grid will require every party with access to the data provided to review and accept the terms of the license agreement through the MLS Grid online licensing portal.