The MLS Grid has begun to offer services. Here is our project roadmap.

Phase 1

Uniform data feeds for IDX, VOW and brokerage tools
Standardized licensing and compliance process


Using RESO industry standards, The MLS Grid has been created for the benefit of the brokers.  The MLS Grid is a single source of data coming OUT OF MLSs.  It is an evolutionary step for existing data services MLSs have provided for decades.  Its purpose is to help the brokerage industry by eliminating technical, licensing and enforcement redundancies currently in the marketplace.  Its purpose is not to disrupt, but rather enable MLSs to work together towards the common goal of improving MLS services.  The MLS Grid will provide a single, standard license agreement, payment source, RESO API server, analytics platform and contract enforcement process for all participating MLSs.


Phase 2

Analytics Database
Future National IDX option

Analytics: Use of Big Data in business is becoming mainstream.  RESO is currently creating a standard for the real estate industry that would enable brokers to receive detailed market intelligence on the performance of their listings online.  Standardization of analytics is important because without it, brokers are not able to make apples to apples comparisons across listing channels nor are they positioned to create an aggregated data set upon which new market intelligence tools can be built. Once RESO’s analytics standard is finalized, The MLS Grid will implement it and create the first aggregated analytics data set, including data derived from IDX website traffic.

National IDX Option: In the future, The MLS Grid will provide the option for brokerages, franchises and real estate networks - like The Realty Alliance - to participate in a National IDX program.

Traditionally, brokers have been limited to displaying listings solely from their MLS markets. To reach potential buyers outside their regional market, brokers relied upon non-brokerage websites, like and Zillow.  Leads generated from these websites are available… for a price. In addition, franchises have been forced to gather data from multiple MLSs and comply with multiple display requirements in order to offer their customers a comprehensive search of all available listings.

As more and more MLSs join The MLS Grid, brokerage and franchise websites will be able to feature National IDX search for those MLS markets.


Phase 3

A common MLS Database and Platform

As participation grows The MLS Grid will expand services and create a practical basis for further market consolidation by providing:

  • Syndication with greater Broker Control over distribution of their own data

  • Add/Edit and Data Quality functions for brokerages

  • An App Store for new products allowing for unbundled elections for MLS customers

  • Purchasing power for the collective MLS Grid members

  • A consolidated back-end database while still allowing for MLS system front-end of choice