MLS Grid for Vendors: Demonstration Videos


Learn how the MLS Grid is designed to make licensing data, gathering data feeds, and data accuracy easier to implement and manage for Vendors

Setting up your account

In a few minutes Vendors can request access and setup their account on the MLS Grid

Data Subscriptions

The MLS Grid has made starting a Data Subscriptions and signing a Data License Agreement quick and easy

Adding a Broker

Inviting your Broker customer to sign the License Agreement is easy for Vendors with the MLS Grid

Finalizing the agreement & payment

Finalizing a License Agreement and paying MLS fees is painless through an MLS Grid Vendor account

Access token & managing your subscription

Managing Data Access, viewing the License Agreement, and adding Broker customers can all be done using the Vendor's MLS Grid account

Dashboard tools

MLS Grid's Dashboard Tools provide Vendors access to metrics on Data Import, Service Status, FAQs and Technical Documentation helpful for accessing MLS data