Whether you are a broker, MLS, or application vendor The MLS Grid is designed to make your life easier. Here is how:

Brokers: ONE set of rules and display guidelines.  Reduce expenses by working with ONE with data feed, ONE set of rules and ONE compliance process. Future national IDX option and valuable analytics for evaluating usage and value of vendor products and consumer behaviors.

MLSs: ONE data feed and license to The MLS Grid for IDX, VOW and third-party vendors.  Reduce expenses by sharing licensing and compliance overhead with all MLSs participating in the MLS Grid.  Control of approved vendors and their access to listings, as well as quarterly compliance audits of the websites where listings are displayed.

Vendors: ONE standard license agreement, data feed and compliance enforcement.  Reduce expenses working with one source for data feeds and compliance requirements.


Additional Benefits

In addition to how it affects your business, The MLS Grid means big things for the industry.

The Grid is RESO in action! Everything related to The MLS Grid is 100% RESO compliant, from the Web API to the Data Dictionary compliant database.

It’s technology, NOT politics!  The MLS Grid solves a massive technical need in the real estate industry by streamlining broker and vendor access to standardized listing data in a tightly controlled system.

Innovation! The MLS Grid cuts through the red tape and barriers allowing brokers, MLSs and vendors to direct resources toward innovative products.

Lower costs of doing business! Dealing with one entity for MLS-wide data feeds will save your business real dollars.

The Grid works with industry initiatives, like Upstream. Upstream’s focus is on input and control of the individual broker’s listings.  The MLS Grid’s focus is on the use (or “downstream”) of the MLS-wide compilation.