See below how uniform licensing, data feeds, and compliance will make getting the data you need easier in four simple steps.


Single License Source

Crye-Leike Real Estate Services, with around 3,000 agents in 125 offices, belongs to 38 MLSs across 9 states.  To simply offer IDX on its company website, Crye-Leike must contact 38 MLSs, sign 38 IDX agreements and comply with 38 different sets of rules, display requirements and compliance processes.

With The MLS Grid, Crye-Leike would have one source for its IDX data feed (standard license, rules, compliance), with the future option of nation-wide IDX search and display as The MLS Grid grows across markets.


Standard Rules and CompliancE

Main Street Realty in Minneapolis has 20 agents and belongs to Northstar MLS.  10 of those agents have office approved IDX websites, but they use 5 different IDX website vendors.  That’s five different contracts for the broker and vendors to facilitate each getting an IDX feed from the MLS.  Each vendor displays information differently, some violating the IDX display rules.  The broker of Main Street Realty is notified that 2 websites do not comply with IDX policy and is now annoyed that this issue must be resolved with the MLS and vendors.

When those 5 IDX website vendors enter into additional MLS market areas, they are faced with different (but similar) agreements.  The display rules may vary slightly.  The enforcement may vary drastically.  A listing display that is perceived as acceptable in one MLS may be an egregious violation in another.

With The MLS Grid, there is one standard agreement for all vendors.  There is one set of display rules.  The IDX sites are audited regularly.  The IDX display rules are enforced uniformly.


Increased Speed to Market


W&R Studios provides applications that utilize MLS-wide listing data, specifically CloudCMA and CloudMLX.  In order to provide their software solutions, they license, onboard the data and comply with rules of 200 MLSs.  That’s 200 license agreements, 200 data feeds and 200 licensing use restrictions.

With The MLS Grid, an MLS simply approves W&R Studios as a vendor.  W&R then has one data feed, one standard license and one compliance process.